What To Do Before The Janitor Arrives

Whether your small business has recently hired a janitor for the first time or you have been working with the same janitorial company for a while, there might be a few more actions that you could take before the crew arrives to make their job more efficient. Keep in mind that if you are paying by the hour, you’ll end Read More

Trade Record Sheet Tips For New Brokers

If you’re new to working in a real estate brokerage, the record keeping requirements can be overwhelming. Understanding what you have to have on file for each transaction is important, because one mistake could spell disaster in a thorough audit. In addition to the standard financial statements and records you would expect to keep, you also have to create a Read More

4 Benefits Of Renters’ Insurance

Most homeowners across Canada generally understand the benefits and importance of having their property insured. In the case of renters, however, this is generally not the case. However, renters’ insurance can provide you coverage from a litany of events that might befall your apartment and can save you a considerable amount of trouble when it comes to recovering costs from Read More